October 18, 2019

A Pro Lens on the Best Action Going Down

Behind the scenes of our winter photo shoot at Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Skiier coming down mountain in Sunice clothing

Preparing for and producing an on-location photo shoot is no easy feat. Add skiing steep and challenging mountain terrain, and the experience becomes epic (fortunately for us, in a good way). Squaw Valley in North Lake Tahoe, California is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States, and where big mountain legends, Olympians and World Cup Racers gave rise. Shortly after hosting the 1960 Winter Olympics, Squaw Valley was credited with inventing extreme skiing in America.

Jeff Engerbretson Sunice skiier
Sunice skiier in Squaw Valley

We called on Jeff Engerbretson, professional global photographer, to be our action shooter. Squaw Valley is Jeff’s home mountain, where he has skied for over 30 years. He knows every line. There’s even one named after him, Engerbretson’s Line, the hardcore skier’s nirvana of cliff bands under the iconic KT-22 chairlift. Because Jeff was a professional skier for 15 years, he can get to terrain other photographers can’t. Definitely an advantage on this shoot. We were pleasantly surprised to hear Jeff was a sponsored athlete by Sunice in the early 90s. (Good karma.)

Woman in winter coat walking Siberian Husky
on set with Sunice 2019 Siberian Husky

Spending time off the slopes was an important part of our photo shoot too. Our Winter Collection is designed not only with advanced technical fabrics and details, but aesthetics play an equally significant role. Interesting fact: Siberian huskies are bred to withstand temperatures as cold as -60 degrees F. The good news for us it wasn’t that cold, but below freezing, and our model was toasty warm and beautifully covered.

On set with Sunice photographer in Squaw Valley Creek in Squaw Valley
Man in ski gear by Sunice

A lot of things have to come together to get the best possible on-camera images. Perfect snow conditions. Perfect weather. And all kinds of behind-the-scenes assistance. From a producer and stylist to a creative director, art director and photographer, there’s a lot of action going on before, during and after the shoot. But if you’re dressed right, the wind and snow is no problem. It’s magic.

Junior Ski Styles for Sunice Winter 2019
on set with Sunice 2019 Woman in winter Sunice gear

On the day of our Junior Collection shoot, a snowstorm appeared as if on cue. It’s a good thing the boys and girls were kept dry and warm in Sunice jackets and pants. Playing in the snow is one of the best parts of Winter. And the fresh snowfall made for a wonderland of photo opportunities. It truly was an unforgettable photo shoot at Squaw Valley. Aristotle says it best, “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”

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